How To Change Mysql Password And PhpMyAdmin Password In Kali Linux/Debian

As you know Kali Linux already comes with LAMP Preinstalled so you don’t really need to install unlike Ubuntu and other Distros where you need to installed LAMP and that’s where you can add or not to use the Password, So i thought of changing the Mysql Password, then later on i installed PhpMyAdmin without Password, But i was unable to login without using Password, i keep on getting error like Login Forbidden Without Password YES and so on, i can’t actually remember the full message, Let’s get started.


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How To Change Mysql Password In Kali Linux/Debian

  • Open Your Terminal and type
    [email protected]:~# mysql -u root -p
    [email protected] = PASSWORD('yourpassword');
  • That’s All

How To Change PhpMyAdmin Password In Kali Linux/Debian

  • Open Your [email protected]:~# gedit /etc/phpmyadmin/
  • Just add the following line to
    it$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'yourpassword';
    Don’t forget to change yourpassword to Your Desired Password
  • That’s All, If you have any questions let me know

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