Jack Ma Promise To Support 8 Year Old Boy Lookalike

The CEO And Founder of Alibaba – Jack Ma is planning to Sponsor a 8 Year Boy that looks exactly like him until he graduates from University.

Jack Ma and Fan

The 8 Year Old boy named Fan Xiaoqin gained famous on the internet after his picture was shared that he looks exactly like Jack Ma, The 8 Year old boy never heard of the named Jack Ma, Since he’s struggling with his own personal problem, He’s living in Poverty, His Mother is sick, His father has a missing leg And his Grandmother has been said to have Alzheimer’s.

Fan Xiaoqin

So his picture was shared and some videos urging Jack Ma to help the boy, And when Jack Ma saw the Picture he said:

"The first time I saw this picture, i thought my family had uploaded my childhood picture."

Picture Of Jack Ma’s Childhood Picture.

Jack ma childhood picture

Some People are saying the boy might actually goes to Harvard University? Who knows, Only Jack Ma can tell.

Source: http://shanghaiist.com/2016/11/14/mini_ma.php

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