How To Change Your Python IDLE And IDLE3 Themes

It depends on what type of Project am currently working on, sometimes I use PyCharm for developing some projects and sometimes I like using the default Python IDLE3, The default Idle3 comes with a White Background and not good for writing programs in the Night, And for any one who wishes to change his/her default Theme color, You can customize it based on your choice and you can use this theme sharing.

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How To Change Python IDLE Themes

Note: Make Sure you close your IDLE

    • For Linux Users, Open Your Terminal and type
      cd ./idlerc
    • After That Just use gedit for easy way not complicating things for other people, By typing
      gedit config-highlight.cfg
    • After that copy this piece of code and paste it just above all the code,
      [Obsidian] definition-foreground = #678CB1
      error-foreground = #FF0000
      string-background = #293134
      keyword-foreground = #93C763
      normal-foreground = #E0E2E4
      comment-background = #293134
      hit-foreground = #E0E2E4
      builtin-background = #293134
      stdout-foreground = #678CB1
      cursor-foreground = #E0E2E4
      break-background = #293134
      comment-foreground = #66747B
      hilite-background = #2F393C
      hilite-foreground = #E0E2E4
      definition-background = #293134
      stderr-background = #293134
      hit-background = #000000
      console-foreground = #E0E2E4
      normal-background = #293134
      builtin-foreground = #E0E2E4
      stdout-background = #293134
      console-background = #293134
      stderr-foreground = #FB0000
      keyword-background = #293134
      string-foreground = #EC7600
      break-foreground = #E0E2E4
      error-background = #293134
  • Then open your IDLE and go to Options > Highlight Tab > Custom Theme > Check the boxes under it and you will see Obsidian
    Apply and Enjoy 🙂
  • For Windows Users: Browse Through C:\Users\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python35-32\Lib\idlelib\config-highlight.def
    And edit it using Notepad and adding the code above and saving it.

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