July 18, 2024

Clergyman, Rev Paul Emeka harps on need for transmission of leadership

The General Superintendent, Assemblies of God, Nigeria, Rev Paul Emeka, has urged leaders in the country to ensure effective transmission of leadership.

Emeka, who was on an apostolic visit to Abuja Central District, during the election of new executives, said leaders in the country should always plan to transmit power to their successors.

The election saw the emergence of Rev. Dr Emeka Eze as Abuja Central District Superintendent, Rev. Emanuel Omole, as Assistant District Superintendent and Rev. Abraham Odey, as District Secretary.

Others are; Rev. Femi Omole, District Treasurer and Rev. Theophilus Ikechukwu as a member.

While congratulating the new leaders, he said that the transmission of power builds the chain of success in every leadership space.

“Handover or transmission is not a day’s job, that is why planning is necessary. We also know that poor transmission leads to poor leadership.

“You have to be ready to transmit your legacy, and values to the generation coming after you.
To transmit means; preparing the people for the future and passing on what you have to the next generation.

“The promises of God to us are massive, but we have to connect to them by ourselves.”

While expressing disappointment with most leaders in the country, the clergy said, it is unfortunate that those occupying leadership positions are always planning for the next elections instead of impacting the younger generation and transmitting power to the next most qualified person.

He also urged leaders to be selfless and work for the interest of the general public instead of a few privileged minorities.

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