July 23, 2024

Florence Chikezie, a Visionary Leader in Entrepreneurship Launches Complify – Empowering Entrepreneurs with Seamless Tax and Compliance Solutions

Florence Chikezie, through her umbrella company ReDahlia, launches Complify to provide comprehensive tax and compliance solutions for entrepreneurs

Florence Chikezie, a visionary entrepreneur and founder of ReDahlia, is excited to announce the launch of Complify. This innovative Compliance as a Service solution is designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of tax compliance, allowing them to focus on growing their businesses and contributing to economic development.

Complify offers a full range of services, including VAT/TIN registration, monthly tax filing, PAYE handling, Tax Clearance Certificate processing, and auditing. By providing reliable and efficient tax compliance support, Complify ensures that entrepreneurs can operate without the stress of tax-related issues.

“At Complify, we believe that entrepreneurs should be able to concentrate on what they do best – building their businesses. Our goal is to remove the barriers posed by tax compliance, creating an environment where businesses can thrive and drive economic growth,” said Florence Chikezie, founder of ReDahlia and Entrepreneurs.ng.

About Florence Chikezie
Florence Chikezie is an award-winning entrepreneur, official member of the Forbes Council of Coaches, and an internationally trained expert in entrepreneurship development. She holds a Master’s degree in International Business from Hult International Business School in London, known for its excellence in business education.

Florence has built and managed four successful businesses: ReDahlia Workspaces, The ReDahlia Business Academy, Entrepreneurs.ng, and Complify. Her work has provided valuable insights into the needs of entrepreneurs, guiding her in developing products and services that support business growth.

As a nationally certified Business Development Service Provider with a practicing license from SMEDAN, Florence is dedicated to fostering the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in Nigeria. She has also undergone specialized training with Deutschmark Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), equipping her to serve as an MSME Trainer, Facilitator, and Coach.

Florence’s commitment to entrepreneurship extends beyond national initiatives. She has collaborated with the Jack Ma Foundation, the MasterCard Foundation, and the Google Hustle Academy to promote entrepreneurial development.

One of her notable programs, Start Your Business in 30 Days, helps entrepreneurs move from idea to starting their business in 30 Days. Additionally, through the Ask an Expert program, Florence has worked with over 200 aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, assisting them in setting up, starting, and scaling their businesses.

In recognition of her expertise, Florence was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award by Eloys in 2019. She has been invited to speak at various events, including the Bell University Annual Event and PMI’s Africa conference in 2022, where she emphasized the role of entrepreneurship in driving economic growth.

Florence reaches entrepreneurs across the globe through the Entrepreneurs.ng platform, a leading platform that provides entrepreneurs with valuable resources, insights, and support. With a robust audience of 600,000 yearly visitors and a newsletter with over 12,000 subscribed entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurs.ng has become an essential resource for entrepreneurial success stories, expert advice, and industry trends.

“It was through the insights from the Entrepreneurs.ng platform that led to the development and launch of Complify. Our survey at Entrepreneurs.ng showed that complying with taxes was one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face,” says Florence. “If you are an entrepreneur, we built Complify for you. Get in touch today by visiting Complify platform to Complify your taxes. For all your tax inquiries, call +234 090 6000 7554 or +234 080 3887 4148. Don’t let taxes tax you. Let’s complify it!”

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