July 20, 2024

Hunger in Nigerians may spark anarchy – Methodist Bishop warns govt, politicians

A Bishop of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Sunday Ndukwo Onuoha has warned the government at levels and political class that the growing hunger in the land is capable of causing major crises across the country.

The Bishop who said this in a message he titled “Listen to the cries of the poor now to avert anarchy”, said many Nigerians are starving without the hope of having anything to eat.

He advised the federal and state governments to go beyond rhetorics by introducing good economic policies to save the dying masses.

He decried that most families in Nigeria battle to feed once a day while some who manage to eat are not sure of where the next meal will come from, stating that it has become a matter of urgency that government at all levels hasten up, come up with policies to check rising prices in food commodities and other essentials.

According to the Bishop, the faces of hungry Nigerians now look scary and unfriendly because of sustained hunger in them.

“The look on people’s faces daily, portrays anger, vexation, hunger among others. Nigerians are passing through a whole lot in meeting up with daily demands of their families. Interactions I have had with people over the last couple of months have further prompted me to believe that Nigerians need a lifeline, quickly too”.

He further told the political class in the country that hungry Nigerians are unhappy with them.

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