July 23, 2024

Nduka thanks Enyimba fans for support despite title miss

Eze Paschal Nduka has expressed his gratitude to Enyimba for their support during the 2023-24 Nigeria Premier Football League season.

Nduka acknowledged the club’s commitment to helping him excel during the campaign.

He pointed out that the support from the management, coaching staff, fellow players, and fans was instrumental in his performance.

Nduka promised to improve on his performance next season.

“Thank you, everyone, for your support throughout the season, words can’t describe how grateful I and my fellow players are for your love and care all season, ” Eze stated to the club’s media.

“You, being my fans right from my early days with Enyimba Feeders to the main team today, have inspired me a great deal. I can’t tell you how heartfelt and sincere I am when I say I’m glad to have had a positive acquaintance with all of you. I appreciate you guys taking an interest in my work, and for showing me kindness and making me feel welcome.

“Honestly to you all our fans, I mean it from the bottom of my heart: I am sincerely grateful and I say THANK YOU in capital letters”.

“We may not have won the league this season for you all, but I promise you our great fans that come next season, we’ll go all out and fight to the end for you, our great fans. You deserve the best and we will fight to give you the best for all your support and love.”

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