July 20, 2024

Presidents Kenyatta, Yayi join list of Presidents to stay at The Delborough

Presidents Thomas Boni Yayi of Benin Republic and his counterpart, Uhuru Kenyatta of Republic of Kenya have joined the list of presidents to stay in ‘The Delborough Lagos’.

They both dropped notes of “excellent experience” at ‘The Delborough Lagos’.

Presidents Yayi and Kenyatta, like other Presidents have had their share of “excellent experience” at the best hotel in Lagos, Nigeria as they had lunch together in the DANI Restaurant at ‘The Delborough Lagos’.

In separate notes, they both appreciated and commended the “professionalism” of the staff of the hotel and their “exceptional quality of welcome”.

President Yayi, at the end of his stay, dropped a note in French (translated), “I give thanks to the Lord for my stay at this Delborough Hotel, thanks to the founder.

“I commend the professionalism of all the staff and the exceptional quality of the welcome.

“I pray to my Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth to bless this hotel with His eternal grace.

“Long life to everyone for the warm welcome.”

President Kenyatta on his part wrote, “An excellent experience! Congratulations to your entire team. I look forward to be back.”

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