July 14, 2024

‘Talented Nigerian artists not up to 5’ – Ruger

Popular singer Michael Adebayo Olayinka, aka Ruger, has claimed that Nigeria currently has less than five talented musicians.

According to him, most Nigerian artists are just singing for “cruise”.

Speaking in a recent interview with Cool FM, Lagos, Ruger stated that those of them that are talented and doing proper music are not up to five.

However, he didn’t name the only talented Nigerian artists in his opinion, or where he is on the list.

“I’m not the biggest artiste in Nigeria but talentwise, I’m standing somewhere there. We are not up to 5,” he said.

“I want say where I am on the list but I’m there. It’s not up to five. Most people are just singing for cruise but we [the talented artists], we make music.”

Ruger said he was shocked to find out that he has a large following in Israel.

He said he sold out a 7,000-capacity venue in the country.

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