July 14, 2024

Total Health Trust Limited (THT) hosts Blood Drive 3.0 in collaboration with Lagos Accident, Emergency centre.

On June 11, Total Health Trust Limited, A tangerine Company, in collaboration with the Lagos State Accident and Emergency Centre, held its third annual blood donor drive in commemoration of this year’s World Blood Donor Day. The event was a resounding success, underscoring the critical importance of voluntary blood donation and reaffirming THT’s commitment to saving lives in Nigeria.

Held at the Warriors Basketball Court Ilupeju, the drive attracted diverse volunteers, including THT and Tangerine employees, clients, partners, and local community members. A common goal united participants: to contribute to saving lives by donating blood.

The Blood Donor Drive 3.0 was born out of THT’s recognition of the blood shortage in Nigerian hospitals. This scarcity often hampers medical efforts, particularly in emergencies and for patients requiring surgeries or suffering from chronic conditions. By organizing these drives, THT aims to alleviate this shortage and save more lives.

Tonye Ukpong, Managing Director at THT, emphasized the importance of the event, stating, “Each pint of blood donated today will potentially save three lives. This initiative is crucial in addressing our medical facilities’ urgent need for blood. We are proud to partner with the Lagos State Accident and Emergency Centre to make this possible.”

A strong turnout and enthusiastic participation characterised the drive. Volunteers arrived early, eager to donate blood and support the cause. Medical professionals from THT and the Lagos State Accident and Emergency Centre were on hand to ensure the process was safe, efficient, and comfortable for all donors.

Maja Kehinde, a staff and first-time donor shared her experience, “I have always wanted to donate blood but never got around to it. This drive made it convenient and easy. Knowing that my blood could save lives is incredibly fulfilling.” Mafe Idloho, a regular donor said he sees himself as a hero without a cape whenever he donates blood.

Safety and hygiene were prioritised, adhering to all necessary protocols to ensure a safe donation process. Each donor underwent a health screening to confirm their eligibility. Post-donation, donors were provided with refreshments and monitored for immediate reactions, although none was reported.

The success of Blood Donor Drive 3.0 has far-reaching implications. The collected blood units will support emergency cases, surgeries, and patients with conditions like anaemia and cancer. This drive also raises awareness about the importance of regular voluntary blood donation and encourages more people to become regular donors.

Omolara Aluko, the Head of Marketing, brand and Communications for THT highlighted the event’s impact, “This drive not only helps meet the immediate needs for blood but also builds a culture of regular blood donation. We are committed to continuing this initiative and expanding its reach in the future.”

She extends THT’s heartfelt gratitude to all the staff, donors, medical staff, and volunteers who made Blood Donor Drive 3.0 a success. Special thanks go to the Lagos State Accident and Emergency Centre for their partnership and unwavering support.

Total Health Trust Limited plans to continue the blood drive in the future, aiming to create a robust network of regular blood donors across Nigeria. By fostering partnerships with local health facilities and engaging the community, THT continues to make significant strides in improving healthcare outcomes in Nigeria.

Blood Donor Drive 3.0 exemplifies Total Health Trust Limited’s dedication to corporate social responsibility and public health. Through initiatives like these, THT addresses critical healthcare needs and reinforces the spirit of community and collective action. As THT and its partners look to the future, the commitment towards saving lives and supporting the health of Nigerians remains unwavering.

For more information about THT, please visit www.totalhealthtrust.com or call 0700-TOTAL HT (0700-86825-48).

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