July 23, 2024

Democracy Day: Clergyman urges end to intimidation, violation of rights

A Nigerian clergyman based in the United States, Archbishop Johnson Ikpeme has called on the authorities as well as criminal elements in parts of Africa, especially Nigeria to stop acts of intimidation of their people

Speaking about this year’s Democracy Day in Nigeria, the clergyman said true democracy should not give room for continual violation of the rights of youths.

The cleric, who is a youth advocate, stressed the need for the authorities to rather work towards the well-being, security and prosperity of the people as a way of entrenching democracy in the country.

He congratulated the government of President Bola Tinubu for giving appointments to a number of Nigerian youths.

He said any country or groups or even individuals that practically express democratic ideals to enhance peaceful living amongst citizens were actually doing God’s work and would certainly earn divine blessing.

He said, “The level of intimidation, brutality as well as violations of rights of citizens in Nigeria and Africa as a whole is worrisome.

“It is important that governments and people in power desist from clamping down on the youths or intimidating their people.

“Crimes of banditry, kidnappings, denials or violations of rights should be checked. The youths should be empowered.

“Governments anywhere in the world exist purposely to protect and cater for the welfare of their peoples. Even the Holy Bible strongly prescribes taking care of the weak and the widows”, he said.

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