July 18, 2024

Democracy Day: Nothing to celebrate – Ekiti State PDP

The Ekiti State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party has dismissed the June 12 Celebration and the Democracy Day as a mockery of the spirit of democracy and the suffering of the helpless masses of Nigeria.

The PDP, in a statement made available to journalists by its spokesman, Raphael Adeyanju in Ado Ekiti, on Wednesday, said the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC, is an embodiment of anti-democratic tendencies and therefore, not qualified to supervise democracy day celebration in Nigeria.

The opposition party noted that “If the APC claims to celebrate their so-called Democracy Day, in honour of Late Chief Kashimawo Abiola, the man who laid down his life for the actualization of democracy in Nigeria, then they have done his memory a great disservice.

” After the ruling party had rigged itself to power, both at the national level and in Ekiti State in particular, it has continued to inflict a series of untold sufferings on the people, as punishment for their rejection at the polls.”

Adeyanju noted, “Since the inception of the present administration, Nigerians have been crying of hunger, many have died of poverty-induced illnesses while the ruling class continued to celebrate the primitive acquisition of ill-gotten wealth at the expense of the hunger-stricken populace.”

The PDP spokesman encouraged the electorates not to lose hope as their own time of celebration will come when the PDD wrestles power from the rudderless ruling party.

” Our party is aware of the antics of the APC. This party deliberately initiates terrible policies meant to reduce the economic power of the people so that they can remain vulnerable to manipulation during the election period.

” Their aim is to impoverish the people, starve them so that the masses can continue to sell their votes to the election riggers and mindless vote buyers. ”

The opposition party called on the Ekiti State people to rise to give the PDP all the necessary support needed to wrestle their state from the grip of the ruling APC.

” If we want to restore Ekiti State to its glorious past as experienced under the PDP, we must collectively work towards unseating the present ruling party. This ruling party is so insensitive, detached and far removed away from the aspirations of the common man.” Adeyanju said.

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